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Hardship Affidavit Form Loan number Use this form to tell us why it s difficult for you to make your current mortgage payments. A written explanation is required for each hardship selected below. I am/We are requesting review of my/our current financial situation to determine whether I/we qualify for temporary or permanent mortgage relief options. Date hardship began is I believe that my/our situation is Short-term less than 6 months Medium-term 6-12 months Long-term or Permanent Hardship...
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Hello everyone I'm Amy Coates I'm an immigration attorney with fashion experiment I'm here with our managing partner Mural fashion expert was a food service immigration law firm located in Raleigh North Carolina we represent clients in all 50 states and around the world today we're going to talk about i-601 waiver z-- how do we put together our assets of a web application the core of opposites, so one waiver is an affidavit from the US citizen or permanent resident relative I mean this affidavit is really their story I tell the story of how the U.S. is and our permanent resident relative met their spouse, and then I try to very clearly help them explain the hardships are good they're going to face if their spouse is not allowed to return to the United States and the United States you know it doesn't hurt in certain cases to actually tell the story of or national as well I especially they come here really made something with themselves, and we try to have a good life, and they have a very strong moral character if I don't certainly it doesn't harm um, and finally I don't think is very important but lots of families that goes all throughout the application you have to constantly remind them that your real people in this case and in fact I put a picture of a couple at the very beginning of the application in my mind I think to myself well every time the examiner is looking at this they're going to flip on that picture, so they'll never forget actually a mean when you talk about these affidavits how in-depth do you usually get you know we kind of extract this information for climate client I'm talking about it half a page affidavit a 10-page affidavit and what do you think 10 to 15 pages probably for anybody person yes well it's different that the US citizen the permanent resident of all five relative their affidavit is the most important it really just depends on the kind of client or multi-with some people are perfect at writing and don't sit down at their computer, and they will there be able to very articulately put everything down into the written word there are other people who aren't great at that, and it's easier for them to tell their story, and I've actually taped meetings with clients and going back to transcribe if it's really important that I get their voice it's not me writing this affidavit it's me working with them to make sure that we had all the growth of our ship that it's their voice their story so if you're a client going to the i-601 waiver process it's important for them to actually tell the attorney everything is on their mind about their story about their life about their family about their medical conditions everything even if they think it's trivial as far as the specific types of evidence when you need something to back up every ground of hardship that you're trying to you know that you're trying to assert so if it's a medical condition obviously you're going to order medical records a list of medications and letters from...
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